I don’t know about you, but I love to sleep!

Did you know that  between 40% to 80% (statistic from WebMD) of children with autism have difficulty sleeping?  The biggest issues for children are:

  • Difficulty falling asleep
  • Inconsistent sleep routines
  • Restlessness/poor sleep quality
  • Waking early or waking frequently through the night

YIKES! This isn’t fun for the child or YOU!  Like I said earlier, I like to SLEEP!

So here are some suggestions to help your child sleep better at night (and you’ll have a better night too)!

  • AVOID sugar or caffeine at night.
  • Have a bedtime routine! This is important. Maybe you watch a show with lights turned down, give a bath, read together, then put your child to bed.
  • Gentle massage and soft background music can also help your child relax.
  • Shut off TV, video games and other stimulating activities an hour before bed.
  • Create a calming bedroom: darkening curtains and blinds to keep out morning light, comfortable temperature and some children like a weighted blanket to make them feel secure.
  • Ask your doctor about Melatonin.  I buy the chewables at Target (dietary supplement aisle.)  It really helps my son fall asleep faster and easier. Melatonin is safe and effective. (Consult your pediatrician first…I’m no doctor!)


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