What To Do At Home!



What to do at home!

This section is my favorite part of the site! As parents, “what do we do at home?” I think I ask myself this question at least once a day!! From bedtime routines to behavior strategies, this section is really the whole point of why I created My Autism Superhero!  When we have a plan and strategies in place our children will not only function better on a day to day basis, but they will be happier, you will be happier and together you and your child with thrive!

I want to hear from YOU!!

Do you have a routine that works, an activity or idea that I can post to this site? I’d love to hear from you!! Let’s work together to build this section and have it contain LOADS of strategies and ideas for parents all in one place!

Check out the latest posts and the home page for recent information!

Video Series

From time to time Mikey and I will pop in LIVE on Facebook to share stories, struggles and strategies. Hopefully these videos will be somewhat of a value to you and your family.

Video #1: 2/23/17 Does your child hate loud noises? Mikey shares a valuable tool he uses to keep himself calm and feel safe!


Video #2: 4/6/17 What to do when your child gets frustrated and it turns into a meltdown.  Try “body mapping.”


Video #3: 5/12/17 Positive Reinforcement and an idea you can use (you probably already have the supplies necessary laying around your home!)

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