Two Ways to Conquer Frustration Overload

How many of you have a child that goes from ‘happy go-lucky’ to total ‘raging Hulk’? Emotions, emotions, emotions!

You know that Disney movie, “Inside Out”? Yep, go from ‘Joy’ to ‘Anger’ in a split second.

My son, Michael, is currently in the 4th grade and his biggest battle is dealing and controlling his emotions.  Sometimes we joke with him and I ask him to “not turn green” (like the Incredible Hulk), and he laughs, but all jokes aside, kids with autism really do battle with controlling and understanding their emotions.

So recently I was introduced to a book from a friend on Facebook and let me tell you this book is amazing! Anyone who has a child with autism, ADHD or sensory, YOU NEED THIS BOOK! Let me introduce you to:

The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day

This book is filled with amazing ideas to understanding and controlling emotions, boosting focus, dealing with mealtime and mastering moods.

Today, I’m going to share two ways this book has helped my son understand and control is frustrations.

The Feelings Bookmark


We have recently started using this bookmark at school and at home.  How many of you have felt like the character ‘Anger’ from Inside Out? I know I have. Children with autism rarely know how to deal with their anger or how to express it appropriately.  This bookmark is a perfect teaching tool to help your child regulate their emotions and make better choices.

We have this bookmark out during math homework because sometimes homework makes my son’s blood boil.  When my son works through each step on the bookmark he feels calmer and ready to return to his work.  Yep, you need this!

Bean Bag / Crash Pad

bean bag

We call this “Michael’s Big Bean Bag”.  It’s perfect for him to jump on, roll on, crash into or fall on.  Sometimes Michael needs extra sensory input/pressure on his body, especially when he’s mad.  He loves to roll and curl up on his bean bag to regulate himself and calm down. He has even slept on it all night long! That’s how much he loves it.

We simply made it with a twin size duvet cover and filled it with extra blankets and pillows.  Super simple!


For more ideas, games and crafts you have to get this book.  Dayna Abraham is the author, and she is the Founder of Lemon Lime Adventures.

Do you have any amazing ideas? I’d love to hear them!


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