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July 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Eli

Super Eli is a superhero even when having a high sensory day.  He manages to find a way to make his family smile.  Eli likes to control sound so he has Bluetooth headphones and usually uses his tablet often.

Eli, you are truly a SUPERHERO!

June 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Jayson


Jayson, 7,  has moderate autism. He began to use some words at age 5.  Amazingly, when Jayson was diagnosed at 2.5 years old, his parents opened an indoor sensory gym!  He loves to swim and explore in the parks and local woods.

May 2017 Superheroes of the Month

Meet Jayden and Tyler


Jayden is a super funny 6 year old with a large variety of facial expressions and voices. He is very creative, intelligent and entertaining. He loves going on holidays, building things out of Legos and catching lizards. He dislikes certain noises, smells and textures but he is getting much better with therapy. Tyler is an affectionate and compassionate 4 year old. He was non verbal and now he can speak clearly and communicate his needs and wants. He offers his food to others, consoles people in need and he shows empathy. He is super hyperactive and loves moving his body. He loves going to the beach, being outside and riding around on a quad motorbike in his backyard. He dislikes certain sounds, smells, textures and he is very sensitive to change.

My kids are my superheroes, they bring so much joy to people around them and share a different way of thinking. I look up to my kids and how happy they are despite their daily battles with ASD and SPD. Plus they are very supportive of each other’s needs. They are autism strong and autism warriors spreading awareness and acceptance through their Instagram account called @tyler_and_jaydens_journey.

April 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Elliot


Elliot is turning 4 in July, and is starting JK in the fall. He is the third of four kiddos and was diagnosed with ASD April 2016.

We noticed Elliot was a little different then his two older siblings when he hit 18 months. He stopped eating, hated clothes,  had behavioral outbursts and wasn’t progressing speech wise. We didn’t even noticed his lack of eye contact as he made it with us no problem. I called him my “curveball kid”. He did everything differently then the other two.

I truly didn’t think there was anything wrong with him, just assumed his older brother and sister did most of the talking for him. And when the diagnosis of ASD came, I was crushed. I was so upset for him, that he was going to have to deal with this for the rest of his life.

But what I realized was that, he was still MY Elliot. He was still my funny, quirky, loveable Elliot.

Today he loves Lego Batman, he loves singing songs (Coldplay – Sky full of stars…he’s a boy after my own heart), movies, playing on his iPad, minions and much more!

Since starting speech/language and occupational therapy his words are just coming so quickly. Being able to request things, counting to 13 (currently), knowing his colors and being able to identify letters.

You cannot let a diagnosis of ASD define your child, your child defines themselves and truly are mini superheroes.  

March 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Tommy


This is Tommy!  He is a 5 1/2 yr old nonverbal autistic boy and he is a hero!! Tommy uses icon cards to communicate. Tommy loves to play outside with sticks, sand, leaves, and wood chips. He also loves to watch YouTube videos about firetrucks and trains! He loves school and going to swim camp. This little boy will brighten up your day with his laugh and high fives. Tommy never gives up and he has taught his family love doesn’t need words! Tommy, you are truly a SUPERHERO!

February 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Geneva

Geneva is a little girl who happens to have autism.  She is a beautiful, smiling, adorable child.  Geneva is nonverbal and uses an AAC to help communicate and spread awareness to the world.  Geneva loves to bounce, swing, blow bubbles and laugh hysterically.  She is a joy to her family and a hero in many ways.  Even with all of her difficulties, Geneva has blessed so many with her smile, her joy and her desire to learn.

Geneva – you are truly a SUPERHERO and an inspiration to the world!

Do you have a Superhero in your life and would like them to be featured on this site? Please email a photo or two, short description of why the child is a superhero, their likes and dislikes and email it to  Please have “Superhero of the Month” in the subject line.

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  • Denise Mulligan February 9, 2017 at 11:05 am

    What a beautiful girl Geneva is. I love to blow bubbles and laugh too Geneva. Keep up that smile❤️

  • Joan Florindo March 1, 2017 at 10:21 am

    Tommy, Aunt Joanie is so proud of you. You truly are a superhero all the time, but especially for working so hard at school. You and Geneva are beautiful children and I love you.


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