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May 2018 Superheroes of the Month

Meet Trey and Quinn


We have brothers this month! Let’s give a warm welcome to Trey and Quinn. Trey is a really great reader and has an amazing memory.  He is super social and loves exploring new places.  He also can say the alphabet backwards as fast as someone can say it forward! Way to go Trey! Trey’s favorite superhero is his Dad; they are best buddies.  Trey does have his challenges; he has a lot of anxiety and haircuts/dentist are very hard for him. (But hey, who really likes the dentist anyways…you’re not alone Trey.) He really loves to stay in hotels, indoor play places, parks and loves his iPad. Trey, you are a pretty cool kiddo!

Let’s welcome Quinn! Quinn’s language skills have really developed in the last year since his diagnosis.  He’s surprising his parents DAILY with his improved communication. Quinn’s favorite superhero is his Mommy! So adorable!  He tends to struggle with not throwing or dumping things and he also still puts a lot of things in his mouth. This boy loves to be on the go! He pretty much never sits down and loves jumping, running, climbing and anything gross motor.

Boys, you are truly SUPERHEROES and you will do great things in the future! Continue to learn, laugh, fight and change the world!

April 2018 – Special Fundraising Month to honor all our SUPERHEROES!

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March 2018 Superhero of the Month

Meet Julian

Superhero of the Month

This is Julian. He is an 11-year-old boy who has Aspergers.  Just like his favorite superhero, Flash, Julian also has amazing abilities.  Even though Julian has had a rough couple of years at school, his superhero endurance allows him to be very helpful and compassionate to others.  Like Flash, Julian is always on the move….and to keep his hands busy, Julian really loves to build with blocks.  Julian, you are truly a Superhero!

February 2018 Superhero of the Month

Meet Lucas

autism superhero

Big shout out to this month’s hero….Lucas. Like most kids, Lucas does have some challenges. He has a really hard time completing tasks if the tasks last longer than five minutes, unless books are involved.  Lucas absolutely loves books!  Lucas also seems to become sad or uncomfortable when others are crying; I can understand that Lucas.  He also loves playing his WiiU and his Nintendo DS….which is probably why his favorite Superhero is Super Mario.  Like Mario, I’m pretty sure Lucas will inspire and save the world, and rescue his princess one day!

January 2018 Superhero of the Month

villain of the month

Sometimes we have to be the villain to protect our little superheroes.

I thought I would do something a little different for the month of January. Yes, I love featuring a child every month. They are truly superheroes. I’m not sure if it’s the start of the New Year, new goals, new challenges or what, but I wanted to focus on someone different.

This month, I’m focusing on ALL parents who have a child on the spectrum, sensory disorders, hearing impairments, or any special needs.  I feel you need a standing ovation.

We would do ANYTHING for our child, good or bad. You’re probably wondering why I said wrote “good or bad.” Hear me out on this.  Autism Superheroes is all about seeing and recognizing that our kiddos have the same hero qualities as mythological/comic heroes like Thor, Batman, Iron Man or Captain America.  So how are parents like superheroes?

In my opinion, I don’t relate to any mythological superhero. I’ll say it again, “Sometimes we have to be the villain to protect our little superheroes.” You may relate, you may not.

We are expected to be powerful, yet we are vulnerable to the judgements of society.  We remain resourceful and motivated to make sure our child succeeds, but sometimes we are seen as the bad guy – standing up to authority and pushing our agenda.  How many of you have sat in a meeting or therapy session with your best poker face?  We stay calm and collected, yet we are already a few steps ahead and manipulating the situation to meet our needs or our child’s needs.  How many of you have stood back at a party silently observing your child and the environment, analyzing the situation and realize even the slightest difference or change, ready and able to walk the line between good and evil?

How many of you heard the line, “but your child doesn’t look autistic.” Smile. You just simple give them your best grin (devilish grin) and keep your thoughts to yourself.

For several years, I’ve loved the Marvel villain character, Loki.  I always wondered why? Yes, he has a devilish smile and is quite handsome, but I think it’s because I relate to the character!  As parents we think things through before acting; quickly to assess the situation and not rely on impulse.  We’re constantly manipulating the situation to benefit our kiddos, constantly three steps ahead with a number of things going on in our thoughts, always calm and collected in almost all situations, yet vulnerable to society’s judgements placed on our child.  Oh, and we have a bit of sass too!  Like Loki, we are not just good-versus-evil, but always in the shades of grey.

So on the days when you’re feeling vulnerable, just grin and give a little sass.  One of my favorite quotes from Loki is, “There are no men like me.” Yep, there are no parents like us!

Continue to be powerful, resourceful, three steps ahead, and give some sass!

December 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Luca

Luca is a bright, amazing and inspiring little boy. He was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum shortly after his 4th birthday. He is curious, and very logical about life. He loves school, but does not like to play pretend. He’s a good eater as long as you give him 4 pieces, all equal in size and place them on the plate in their proper place and the plate laid in a specific way! He loves but sometimes dislikes his little sister, Aviana.

His favorite toy is the trampoline. Although Luca has some challenges, he has inspired everyone to be more accepting, more understanding and filled with more love.  Luca, you are truly a Superhero!

November 2017 Superheroes of the Month

Meet Keegan and Ben


Keegan and Ben are siblings (17 and 13) who are on the spectrum, but they have very different personalities.

Keegan, 17, is very much ‘rock n roll’ chic (big fan of Joan Jett!)  She is non-verbal and suffers from an inner ear imbalance, but that doesn’t stop her from being a cheery, beautiful soul (who loves to dance to Joan Jett.)  Today, she is typing to communicate, and she is a BUSINESS OWNER (along with her brother and family!) Now that’s a Superhero!  Designing and making shirts to help others on the spectrum.  She’s unstoppable.

Let’s meet her brother, Ben.  He is the happiest and most empathetic 13-year-old you’ll ever meet!  He has a photographic memory and finger spells like a ninja! He has been non-verbal for most of his life, but recently words are coming quickly. Go Ben!  His favorite color is purple.  Ben is a true gentleman, an old soul, a bit of a ham, and a thrill seeker all in one!

These two are superheroes and truly an inspiration to all.  Here is a link to their online store….Way Beyond The Label.  Bravo Keegan and Ben.

October 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet William


William is a 5-year-0ld boy who was diagnosed with autism in April of 2014, but autism doesn’t stop him! He is a very happy and lovely boy who loves to spend time with his mom and dad; especially doing sports and fishing with his dad.  William is very sensitive to loud noises, but he still enjoys playing with other kids.  Oh, and William loves the water, especially at a beach.  He is making constant progress; he’s like an unstoppable train.  William’s mother said it best, “The best gift I gave my son has been Early Intervention since he was two.”  He continues with OT, Speech and ABA therapies.  William is a fighter and truly a Superhero.

September 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Easton


Easton is our September Superhero!  He is about to turn 2! He was diagnosed with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder last April, but he’s the happiest fighter ever.  While he struggles with eye contact and verbalizing what he needs, he sure loves to play with water.  Easton also loves waffles or anything crunchy! Who doesn’t love waffles??  Easton also loves the show, Octonauts.  Continue being a Superhero, Easton, and continue to inspire the world!

August 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Christopher and Jacob


Christopher James (age 3 / 4 in September)

Jacob James (age 23 months / 2 in September)

Christopher is a superhero because even on his lowest days he will always get back up and try again; he never lets anything defeat him. He’s the strongest little boy I know and takes on every challenge with a smile.

Christopher is the best dancer and even though he’s non verbal he loves to sing in his own little way and it’s the best music I’ve ever heard! He loves Peppa Pig, playing outside on the trampoline and water! Christopher loves his friends and giving hugs and kisses are his favorite thing ever.

Jacob is a superhero because he is just the sweetest little thing ever with the biggest personality ever! Definitely doesn’t take after his quiet dad. He tries so hard everyday and idolizes his brother Christopher.

Jacob likes to cause mischief and do things he’s not supposed to do but wins you round with his devious laugh and smile. He loves his sensory toys and playing with his brother outside. He loves playing with his dog Milo and likes to explore. Jacob also likes to watch funny cartoons and films with his brother and his favorite thing at play group is painting and coloring.

July 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Eli

Super Eli is a superhero even when having a high sensory day.  He manages to find a way to make his family smile.  Eli likes to control sound so he has Bluetooth headphones and usually uses his tablet often.

Eli, you are truly a SUPERHERO!

June 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Jayson


Jayson, 7,  has moderate autism. He began to use some words at age 5.  Amazingly, when Jayson was diagnosed at 2.5 years old, his parents opened an indoor sensory gym!  He loves to swim and explore in the parks and local woods.

May 2017 Superheroes of the Month

Meet Jayden and Tyler


Jayden is a super funny 6 year old with a large variety of facial expressions and voices. He is very creative, intelligent and entertaining. He loves going on holidays, building things out of Legos and catching lizards. He dislikes certain noises, smells and textures but he is getting much better with therapy. Tyler is an affectionate and compassionate 4 year old. He was non verbal and now he can speak clearly and communicate his needs and wants. He offers his food to others, consoles people in need and he shows empathy. He is super hyperactive and loves moving his body. He loves going to the beach, being outside and riding around on a quad motorbike in his backyard. He dislikes certain sounds, smells, textures and he is very sensitive to change.

My kids are my superheroes, they bring so much joy to people around them and share a different way of thinking. I look up to my kids and how happy they are despite their daily battles with ASD and SPD. Plus they are very supportive of each other’s needs. They are autism strong and autism warriors spreading awareness and acceptance through their Instagram account called @tyler_and_jaydens_journey.

April 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Elliot


Elliot is turning 4 in July, and is starting JK in the fall. He is the third of four kiddos and was diagnosed with ASD April 2016.

We noticed Elliot was a little different then his two older siblings when he hit 18 months. He stopped eating, hated clothes,  had behavioral outbursts and wasn’t progressing speech wise. We didn’t even noticed his lack of eye contact as he made it with us no problem. I called him my “curveball kid”. He did everything differently then the other two.

I truly didn’t think there was anything wrong with him, just assumed his older brother and sister did most of the talking for him. And when the diagnosis of ASD came, I was crushed. I was so upset for him, that he was going to have to deal with this for the rest of his life.

But what I realized was that, he was still MY Elliot. He was still my funny, quirky, loveable Elliot.

Today he loves Lego Batman, he loves singing songs (Coldplay – Sky full of stars…he’s a boy after my own heart), movies, playing on his iPad, minions and much more!

Since starting speech/language and occupational therapy his words are just coming so quickly. Being able to request things, counting to 13 (currently), knowing his colors and being able to identify letters.

You cannot let a diagnosis of ASD define your child, your child defines themselves and truly are mini superheroes.  

March 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Tommy


This is Tommy!  He is a 5 1/2 yr old nonverbal autistic boy and he is a hero!! Tommy uses icon cards to communicate. Tommy loves to play outside with sticks, sand, leaves, and wood chips. He also loves to watch YouTube videos about firetrucks and trains! He loves school and going to swim camp. This little boy will brighten up your day with his laugh and high fives. Tommy never gives up and he has taught his family love doesn’t need words! Tommy, you are truly a SUPERHERO!

February 2017 Superhero of the Month

Meet Geneva

Geneva is a little girl who happens to have autism.  She is a beautiful, smiling, adorable child.  Geneva is nonverbal and uses an AAC to help communicate and spread awareness to the world.  Geneva loves to bounce, swing, blow bubbles and laugh hysterically.  She is a joy to her family and a hero in many ways.  Even with all of her difficulties, Geneva has blessed so many with her smile, her joy and her desire to learn.

Geneva – you are truly a SUPERHERO and an inspiration to the world!

Do you have a Superhero in your life and would like them to be featured on this site? Please email a photo or two, short description of why the child is a superhero, their likes and dislikes and email it to  Please have “Superhero of the Month” in the subject line.

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  1. Tommy, Aunt Joanie is so proud of you. You truly are a superhero all the time, but especially for working so hard at school. You and Geneva are beautiful children and I love you.

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