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It can be quite overwhelming to scour the internet for help.  I’ve been there!

In this section, I’ve included a lot of helpful resources that I find valuable.


Any DISNEY fans out there? Disney is AWESOME, but to a child on the spectrum it can be daunting.  Traveling to Disney with Mikey can be a challenge sometimes.  Here is a great article I wrote on how to travel to Disney World with a child on the spectrum or has sensory processing disorder.


Click here

7 Tips for Flying With an Autistic Child


At Home Help

Raising Aspergers Children: Symptoms and Parenting Strategies

This article is straight to the point and has great ideas for PARENTS and TEACHERS.  Here is the link:

11 Tips for New Autism Parents

Children with autism & homework – 11 tips for success

Improving Sensory Tolerance for Brushing Teeth

10 Tips to Calm Down an Autistic Child in Meltdown

Home Modifications for Special Needs

ASD and Sleep


Miscellaneous Links

Let’s learn to tie our SHOES!

I just love this video.  It has helped my son tie his shoes.

(Parent’s prep video for the shoes:

Moving with a Special Needs Child

Military Families

Legal Resources

Teacher Resources



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