Help Your Child Regulate Their Emotions

How to help your child regulate their emotions with an Emotions Chart

I don’t know about you, but in our household our son is having a very difficult time dealing with, expressing and talking about his different emotions. He’s always struggled with it, but as he is getting older it is becoming more of a challenge.

Back in the day, I had an emotions chart for him, so thankfully I kept it and now we are using it.

This chart is a fantastic way for my son to understand how he feels and talk about the different emotions he is having. For instance, he absolutely hates math homework! So, I whip out this chart and have it right in front of him during math time.  When he becomes frustrated with a problem I immediately ask him how he feels and ask him to identify the emotion on the chart.

Then we discuss how we can get him to the “green/happy zone.”  I believe in the teaching world, this tactic is called “zones of regulation.”  Basically our kiddos need to identify their emotional zone and learn how to regulate themselves.  Most children with autism learn visually, so this visual chart can really help.

AND I’m giving this chart to you!  Please feel free to download here, print it and hang it up on your refrigerator or in an area where you know you’ll use it often.  I even went as far as laminating our chart.  When my son is in the “red” zone I certainly don’t want him to rip up the chart! LOL!!

This will take some practice for you and your child to work with the chart, but I guarantee it will help.


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