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Our Mission

Work together to understand autism, listen, learn, then change what we do.

I created this WEBSITE to help families understand AUTISM and help their child thrive at home.


Meet Mikey

Mikey is my 10-year-old son.  He has an educational diagnosis of autism and has central auditory processing disorder.

It began when Mikey was two-years-old.  I started to see signs of autism. Due to fear, I believed he would “catch up.”  I didn’t want to admit something might be “different” with my child.

Fast forward to today.  After years of therapy sessions, teacher/staff meetings, sorting through online resources and reading books, I no longer look at autism as different. Autism makes my son “unique”.  Everyday we are learning new ways to recognize and understand his struggles. We help him cope with social struggles and help him with his academic challenges.  Mikey is a tremendous artist. He LOVES dinosaurs, trucks, NASCAR, trains and Legos.  He is so happy and has the most contagious laugh.  Mikey is our families’ entertainment! Mikey is also very affectionate and has a love for animals, especially dogs and tigers!

That’s when the light bulb went off! I wanted to create a blog that would help parents and their child on the spectrum.

This blog will continue to grow!  I hope you will help with the growth.



Superheroes have what people call “super powers.” Guess what, so do our kiddos with autism.  They are just like superheroes…displaying above average abilities, displaying courage in a different way or overcoming impossible obstacles. Here are 5 traits of an autism superhero:

  1. EXTRAORDINARY ABILITIES – just like a superhero who may have martial art skills, an autistic child, specifically Asperger Syndrome, may have extraordinary vocabulary in a highly specialized field of interest.
  2. COURAGE: willingness to face their fears – It takes courage to look someone in the eye or say hello to a total stranger.
  3. MOTIVATION – just like superheroes, our children want to overcome their obstacles and will continue to “fight” the fight.
  4. A FIGHTING SPIRIT – being a superhero does not mean that you will never fail.  It just means that you get up every time you do.
  5. INTELLIGENCE – just like superheroes, children on the spectrum must use strategies to overcome seemingly impossible situations.




For autism information and resources CLICK HERE!

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