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This WEBSITE was created to help families understand AUTISM and help their child thrive at home. Here you will find autism strategies and tips, resources, helpful links, videos and downloads.

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Work together to understand autism, listen, learn, then change what we do.

Our Story

Learn more about Mikey, his diagnosis, our journey and the reason for Autism Superheroes.


The Super-Mom Panel is for all moms to connect! We can chat, ask questions, give ideas and share stories!! 

Are you frustrated with something? Do you just need to vent? Are you looking for ideas from other moms? This panel is for YOU!  Go ahead, fire away……

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The 5-Point Problem Scale. I think most kiddos on the spectrum have a really hard time dealing with problems and typically have over-blown reactions. Here, I’ll teach you how to use the Problem Size Scale to help your kiddo identify their own problems and the appropriate reactions. Dive in now…

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